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Brett's Present. Brett's Future. Brett's Only One.
Introducing The Real Girl Who Stole Brett's Heart.  Forget About The Past.  The Real Bretta Is Here To Show The World Who The LADY BOSS Truly Is, And She'll Prove To You That She's, Indeed, ONE OF A KIND!

Bretta is the newly launched cryptocurrency project, boldly stepping into the spotlight as the official wife of Brett, a token that recently soared to a remarkable 400 million market cap. Positioned on the Base Chain Network, Bretta aims to leverage the substantial buzz surrounding Brett, creating its own wave in the vast ocean of digital currencies.

Unlike any ordinary token, Bretta brings a unique narrative to the crypto space, emphasizing its community-centric approach. It’s not just about riding the wave of success; it’s about creating a safe, inclusive, and thriving ecosystem for its holders. Safety and security are paramount, with Bretta being spearheaded by an incubation team renowned for their expertise, connections, and successful track record in the cryptocurrency sector.

This project is designed with the community in mind, ensuring that every investor feels like an integral part of Bretta’s journey. The team’s commitment to transparency, engagement, and fostering a sense of belonging marks Bretta as a standout project, destined for growth and success.

Echoing the timeless adage, "Behind every great man is a great woman," Bretta symbolizes this sentiment in the crypto world. It’s not just an addition to Brett’s legacy; it’s a standalone powerhouse, poised to redefine what it means to be a community-driven project. Bretta is here to prove that alongside a successful token like Brett, there’s always a dynamic counterpart ready to shine, leading the charge in innovation and community engagement.


Total Supply


Taxes (yey!)


Liquidity Locked


Contract Renounced

Step 1:

Add Base Chain RPC to your favorite wallet.  Get Base Chain RPC from

Step 2:

Bridge your ETH from Ethereum to Base by using the app at

Step 3:
Swap ETH for $BRETTA on Uniswap by clicking the button below:

$BRETTA: 0xd6F4B1189e2D6D0e7a37dBf9b583dfb57170296d
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